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Landscape Architect

Do I Need a Landscape Architect?

For a long time, man and nature did not get along. Our businesses and buildings had their own place, and nature had its. The past several decades has weakened the division between man and nature, and landscape architects have been on the forefront of that change.

Many homeowners have heard of landscape architecture, but most are misinformed to what landscape architecture is, what a landscape architect is tasked with, and how a proper project is deigned and installed.

If you want to make a connection between your home and property through natural and man-made elements – a landscape architect may be the one to do it.

*It’s important to note that most residential custom landscaping installations won’t require an architect to be completed.

Do I Need a Landscape Architect?

What is Landscape Architecture?

Landscape architecture involves the planning and design or outdoor areas and structures to achieve an environmental, practical, or aesthetic outcome. Landscape architecture includes analyzing sites, designing installations, and connecting the artificial and natural world through design, construction, and plant sciences. In a nutshell, landscape architecture is the design of outdoor structures and areas.

What Does a Landscape Architect Do?

That beautiful downtown park near your work? That was built with the help of a landscape architect. The drainage system that keeps your yard from flooding but is perfectly blended into your property? Landscape architect. A landscape architect wears many hats including site designer, horticulturist, installer, management planner, and more.

Landscape architects can work on projects for private homeowners, private companies, municipal properties, commercial development, and everything in-between. New York City’s Central Park was accomplished with a team of landscape architects, and so was the intricate stacked rose garden and fountain on your neighbor’s property.  

Residential Landscape Architecture

Most homeowners think of their homes and yards as separate entities but residential landscape architecture merges both into one cohesive area.

Residential landscape architecture can involve designing hardscapes and gardens that take advantage of your property’s exposure and slope, implementing beds that flow from your back deck into your property, or installing a green roof over your garage.

Landscape Design vs. Landscape Architecture

The two major differences between landscape designers and architects are professional requirements and types of projects.

Landscape designers might carry a bachelor’s degree in horticulture or be self-taught, but all landscape architects are required to hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree in landscape architecture in addition to holding a landscape architecture license.

While both are involved in the design and installation of natural elements, landscape designers tend to work in residential environments like private gardens while landscape architects focus their work on larger areas and structures like parks, golf courses, and more, though landscape architects can help in several residential applications like changing slopes, layouts, helping in large-scale design, and more.

If you need help installing a new patio garden or want to know what plants work best for your garden, a landscape designer is ideal. If you need help knowing how to properly grade a new garden, how to nestle structures, and other complex problems, you need a landscape architect.

Hiring a Landscape Architect Today
If you’re ready for the services of a landscape architect, you need to check a few boxes for the right hire.
Merging Nature and Design with a Landscape Architect

A landscape architect is responsible for much of the design in your everyday world, but they take care of residential work too. To answer the question, “Do I need a landscape architect?” you’ll need to determine the scale of your landscaping design plans. To find out whether a landscape architect is needed for your custom landscaping design, contact JS Enterprises to evaluate the scope and scale of your project.