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Landscape Financing Available

Not everyone who needs custom landscaping can afford to dip directly into their bank account to fund the project. JS Enterprises offers an affordable, easy way for customers to receive great landscaping without breaking the bank.

J.S. Enterprises now offers

Landscape Financing Options

If you own a home, chances are good that there’s a yard and landscaping that needs some attention. While many people take care of regular maintenance on their own, custom landscaping and outdoor projects require a landscaping company to get the job done right.

Not everyone can afford the initial costs of a full-scale custom landscaping project, but that might be necessary. Many HOAs have by-laws about landscaping and don’t care if you recently lost your job or if your cash flow has slowed down. In the case where you need to get your landscaping done with little or no budget, financing is a terrific option.

84 month Financing

JS Enterprises offers landscape financing loans up to 84 months for custom landscaping projects.

12-months, No Payments

All JS Enterprises loans for design and installation come with a 12-month no payment period.

Our Service Areas

Contact us today for a free consultation on your Colorado landscape project! We offer 12 month, no interest, no payment financing.

What Can You Use Landscape Financing Options For?

Patio Construction

JS Enterprises can build a patio in any design you choose. We work with a variety of materials and our custom patios are made to last.
Project Gallery

Landscape Lighting in Denver

Just talk to our design team to discuss lighting for pools, paths, ponds, trees and more.
Project Gallery

Retaining Walls

We can design a retaining wall that will not only serve its practical purpose, but it will also look good in your yard as well.
Project Gallery

Outdoor Kitchens

JS Enterprises can build the perfect outdoor living space.
Project Gallery

Stone Veneer

Contact JS Enterprises to learn more about the various, stone, brick and landscaping rock services we provide.
Project Gallery

Water Features

We have expert landscape designers that can work with all manner of aquatic landscaping features.
Project Gallery

Sprinkler Systems

Irrigation can take the hassle out of watering and make it easier to achieve the beautiful lawn you have always wanted.
Project Gallery

Custom Fire Pits

We can design a custom fire pit that will integrate with the rest of your custom landscaping.
Project Gallery

Pool Landscaping

Custom landscaping can be enhance the environment around the pool and to integrate with the rest of the yard.
Project Gallery


Custom pergolas designed to let you enjoy the outdoors with a reprieve from the intense summer sun.
Project Gallery

What Can You Use Landscape Financing Options For?

Most homeowners don’t think of financing when they think of landscaping installations but like any other project, a redesign is perfectly viable for financing. You wouldn’t shy away from taking a loan to renovate your aging kitchen, so why wouldn’t you consider a loan that increases your curb appeal and quality of life? Consider financing to tackle your dream landscaping projects.

An Overview of Financing

JS Enterprises offers loans up to 84 months for landscaping installations. All JS Enterprises loans come with a 12-month no payment period to help you get over any financial hurdles during the process. All interest on your loan is waived if you pay back the full balance of the loan within the 12-month grace period.

Give Your Landscaping a Boost with Financing from JS Enterprises

If you want to tackle a full-scale landscape installation or need help in keeping up with required maintenance, financing options from JS Enterprises make professional landscaping attainable for anybody. For more information on financing call JS Enterprises today to see what they can do for you and your yard.  


Landscaping when you need it

As a leader among landscaping companies, JS Enterprises is known for innovation, quality and customer satisfaction. We have been providing landscaping services to the Colorado for over 20 years and we have built a strong reputation in that time.

We offer finance services for custom landscaping, water features, outdoor kitchens, patio construction and more.

With our work ethic and a commitment to excellence, we have built strong connections to the Colorado Springs community.

We also have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and we are proud members of industry associations like the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado.

For these achievements and others, the team from JS Enterprises would like to thank our clients and customers for helping to make it all possible.

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