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How to Add Color to Landscaping

How to Add Color to Landscaping

When we think landscaping, we think green, but there are so many more color options available than different shades of green. A sea of green grass and shrubs can get quite boring, but you can easily bring other colors into the mix by choosing your landscaping wisely.

Let’s learn how to add color to landscaping with techniques from flowering plants to mulch and explore different budget options. Whether you want to re-landscape your entire property or just add vibrancy to high-traffic areas, it’s easy to add color to landscaping.

Perennial Flowers

In landscaping, the term perennial(s) refers to plants that come back every year on their own. Perennials bring a yearly pop of color as they offer their flowers to local pollinators. Perennial flowering plants come in the form of ornamental grasses, shrubs, traditional flowers, and even compact trees.

You can use perennial plants to pick a color theme like whites, cool colors, warm colors, or you can mix a variety together for a vibrant landscaping layout. Try a mix of species with different flowering times to achieve color in your landscaping from early spring into fall.

Perennial Flowers
Perennial Salvia

Colorful Foliage

Most plants have green leaves but not all. Considering you can find plants with blue, red, purple, and many other colors of foliage – use that to your advantage for more color in your landscaping. You can nestle a blue spruce next to golden grasses or a dark purple shrub next to your dark green lawn. Unlike perennial flowering plants, plants with colorful foliage provide color for several months at a time instead of a few weeks at a time.

How to Add Color to Landscaping
Bloodgood Japanese Maple

Annual Flowers

In landscaping, annual flowers refer to ‘one and done’ plants that will die off after one season. While annual flowers only provide color for a few weeks every year, they give you options for several types of color and texture you can’t always achieve with a bed of perennial flowering plants.

You can scoop out a designated bed to cycle annual flowers throughout the growing season for a continual rainbow of colors or mix annuals into your perennial beds for a new look every few months.  

Annual Flowers - Petunias
Annual Flowers - Petunias


One of the fastest, easiest, and cheapest ways to add color to your landscaping is by spreading new mulch over your plants and beds. There are many types of mulch to match your landscaping from natural earth-toned bark to dyed, shredded tires and other xeriscape options.

Mulch can turn a bed with drab gray-brown topsoil into a cohesive and colorful addition to your landscaping. As a bonus, mulch helps your plants retain moisture, wards off weeds, and provides nutrients to your plants as it slowly decomposes.

How to Add Color to Landscaping
Colorful Landscaping Mulch

Using a Professional to Add Color to Landscaping

Choosing plants and colors for your landscaping can be overwhelming. What if plants don’t grow how you imagine? How can you choose between so many colors? If adding color becomes too much, use the help of a local landscaping professional.

A professional landscaper can walk your property and discuss how to add color in different areas and what plants would thrive best on your unique property. After you make a choice on color, layout, and budget, you can use that same professional for a quick and guaranteed installation.

Bring Color to Your Landscaping

You can find plants in virtually every color in the form of grasses, shrubs, trees, flowers, and more. Use a variety of colors and textures to add character to your landscaping or use a professional for the perfect color choices for your individual yard. Green is nature’s primary color but don’t ever limit yourself to only green plants in your landscaping. For more information about custom landscaping or how to add color to landscaping, contact JS Enterprises for a free quote on creating the landscape of your dreams.